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SEO D'Sapone, November 9, 2018

Granite is a highly preferred natural stone for countertops and flooring purpose. Its durability and stunning natural design patterns elevate the beauty of any space it is installed at, and also enhances your home’s elegance. Nevertheless, apart from the numerous benefits of having a granite stone, there are also some disadvantages of this stone which have to be examined before bringing it home. If a quality granite floor cleaning or granite countertop cleaning service is not taken, then it can be a burden for you. Read on, to unveil the pros and cons of granite.

Sealing Granite Atlanta Pros of having Granite Floors and Countertops:

Granite adds a ‘piece’ of the nature to your indoors and it never fails to become the centerpiece of the room in which it is installed. Apart from being a strong and durable stone, it visually takes the surface to the next level. Granite’s peculiar interlocking crystal structure provides it that alluring grainy look. It is super resistant to heat and therefore, it is the perfect stone for your countertops. Granite is available in a mesmerizing range of 20 shades, providing you an opportunity to choose the apt shade which suits your flooring and kitchen cabinets.

Cons of having Granite Floors and Countertops:

Although granite is known to be a strong, durable and heat resistant stone, the fact that it is porous to some degree cannot be ignored. It has a tendency to sponge up liquids like juice, wine, oil or any liquids which cause stubborn staining. The stone is vulnerable to chemical changes like etching and dulling.

If you fail to take proper care or use cheap products to clean your granite surface then certainly you will end up with a ruined stone surface. D’Sapone understands how frustrating it can be to end up with a damaged granite stone, which once was the apple of your eye. Therefore, D’Sapone will deliver that brand new look to your granite stone for a lifetime using revolutionary restoration products from pFOkUS®. All of our granite restoration processes are listed below.

A Sealed Granite Countertop Eliminating Stains with a Penetrating Cleaner:

While performing granite floor restoration or granite countertop cleaning service with ordinary chemical cleaners, the chemicals diminish the beauty and fine texture of the stone. D'Sapone® delivers innovative granite restoration services with a robust patented cleaning process. Our artists are specialists in cleaning granite countertops and floors. We apply Imperia Deep Clean- a high quality penetrating cleaner over the stone surface. Imperia soaks into the stone and removes deep rooted stains efficiently. It cleans, preps and sanitizes the surface without damaging its integrity.

Sealing Granite with an Invisible Clear Resin:

Our artists seal the stone with a phenomenal invisible sealer- Repela Bond. It is a water based natural look sealer, penetrating deep into the stone while waterproofing the surface.

Polishing the Stone to Perfection:

After cleaning and sealing the stone, we perform granite polishing with a clear topical product. This takes the stone surface to another level and delivers it a shiny glaze, thereby making us the best granite countertop cleaning service.

Granite Cleaning and Sealing

D'Sapone®’s restoration services come with a 5 year warranty. Reach us @ (760)705-1011 now and get your free granite restoration estimate today.


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