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If you really want your shower to last longer with no stains, one of the most important things you should not forget hiring a professional to seal the grout – a cement based material. Grout easily...

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Shower Restoration

Slate is one of the most popular natural stones, which is difficult to keep clean with all its crevices. Cleaning the stone with traditional products can be nothing less than a burden. D’Sapone ap...

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Slate Restoration

Travertine comes in many finishes and styles, from polished – hones and straight cut to tumbled edge. It is manufactured in Italy and now restored by your Italian artists in California, Florida, G...

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D’Sapone has revolutionized the restoration industry with its most sophisticated stone, tile and grout cleaning and sealing services. With so ...

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tile and grout cleaning

D’Sapone has introduced the most sophisticated stone, tile and grout shower restoration. We have won multiple awards and achieving ‘5 ...

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Healthy Shower Restoration Grout Tile Stone 1024x645

Most all cultured marble showers are stained and etched by a heavy build up of soap scum. We are able to take your tile and grout to a new level creating an incredible look, eliminating all the hard...

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After-Shower basin

With Easter just 6 days away, there’s still time to schedule your tile and grout cleaning service, making your...

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tile cleaning happy easter

Marble stone is in high demand since it has a beautiful appearance with gorgeous color variations. But as great as the stone is, it does stain very fast. It’s a significant investment, so it’s i...

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Marble Grout Cleaning

Showers – the major part of a maintenance list, as they receive lots of wear and tear every day. They are the most humidity areas in homes or buildings with all the moisture. Installing natural st...

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stone shower restoration

Marble is one of the most elegant natural stones, raising the beauty of homes or buildings. Most people love to install it on floors making them look classy. Maintaining a healthy marble floor is a ...

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Marble Sealing

Travertine adds a refined elegance to interior spaces and provides endless design possibilities with its different varieties. It is very popular within showers, which are high humidity areas. Traver...

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Travertine Restoration

The migration of soluble salts, which originate from masonry, gives birth to efflorescence that damages the tile and grout in showers. It is a white substance that diminishes the value of the shower...

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shower efflorescence removal

Installing slate on the shower floor and walls creates an appealing and natural look. The stone is beautiful to look at, but it can be tricky to maintain, especially in wet settings like showers sin...

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Cleaning Slate

Trying to keep the marble clean can be very difficult, especially in showers that come with all the humidity, as it is such a porous stone. It is available with all the crevices, reta...

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Marble restoration

Keeping the look of a floor was a tough job as it gets a lot of wear and tear. Acidic cleaners, cool drinks and coffee stain the floor, diminishing the value of the surface. They also peel or wear o...

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Restoring Floor


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