This Independence Day, Restore These 4 Places in your Home or Building

This Independence Day, Restore These 4 Places in your Home or Building

SEO D'Sapone, June 17, 2020

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4th of July is a favorite holiday for Americans as friends and families gather to celebrate the spirit of Independence. With everyone coming home, you obviously want to cast a good impression about your housekeeping skills. Guests do notice how clean your surfaces are and how immaculate your showers and countertops look, As Independence Day is all about freedom from evil, let us also pledge today to free our homes from all kinds of evils in the form of dust, grime, mold, stains, filth and dirt. D'Sapone® is here to help you for all your tile, grout, stone and glass restoration needs.

Independence Day, Restore These 4 PlacesAs everyone in the world today is struggling to get rid of CoronaVirus, you have all the more reasons to get your homes or buildings thoroughly sanitized. Our experts also take proper preventive measures such as wearing masks and using sanitizers when they visit you to offer our services.

There are certain areas in commercial or residential places that are most treaded-upon and frequently dirty. These include your kitchens, showers, pools and living rooms. Once you deep-clean the hard surfaces such as tile, grout, stone, tubs, and glass in these areas, your home or building will look clean. Your cleanliness and hygiene will impress your guests when they visit you for Independence Day. Let us discuss the four areas in your home or building that need restoration.

4 Areas In your Home or Building that Need Restoration

Kitchens Areas:

  • Kitchen floorings often get stained and moldy due to food and beverage spills.
  • If you have natural stone flooring in your kitchens, the stains penetrate deeper within the porous tile and lead to mold formation at the root level.
  • The tile turns yellow and moldy in some time due to moisture absorption.
  • Kitchen countertops get scratched due to cutting and chopping of vegetables and fruits
  • Countertops gets etched due to acidic cleaners or acidic liquid spills of foods and beverages.
  • The grout in between the tile also gets cracked, stained, moldy or goes missing.
  • Countertops lose their sheen and lustre after a few months of use.

Bathrooms :

  • Your bathroom is the most vulnerable area of your home and constantly faces water splashes and soap scum.
  • Those who get hard water in their taps, also face the problem of hard water stains on their flooring and glass surfaces.
  • Glass doors may get etched due to the use of acidic cleaners.
  • The constantly wet tile get stained and moldy.
  • Caulk gets damaged and either cracks or peels off. It may also turn blackish due to mold formation.


  • Pool tile often cracks because of direct exposure to sunlight. Cracks lead to rough and sharp tile surfaces.
  • Pool tile is always moist and damp. When left unchecked, the dampness leads to mold breeding. Mold is very harmful as it can cause respiratory issues and eye problems, apart from ruining the look of the tile.
  • You may find the tile surface to lose its sheen after some time.
  • The pool rail is used for people to enter and exit the pool. It is often coated with stains and rust, which can get very unhygienic and unappealing.
  • Pool grout often wears off or cracks in some places and makes the surface look unmaintained and dirty.
  • If you fill your pool with hard water, the hard water stains, mineral deposits and waterline scale are bound to form on the surface. Hard water contains calcium and magnesium deposits, which leave a whitish mark once the water evaporates. If not checked, your pool tile will turn white with hard water stains and mineral deposits, making the surface rough and unappealing.

Living Rooms:

  • Living room flooring is one of the most treaded-upon areas. When your guests arrive, your flooring may get dirtier with food and beverage spills.
  • If you do not cleanse it frequently, the natural stone tile may also have mold or stains.
  • The tile may have also lost its sheen due to constant walking.
  • Glass shelves or tables in your living room may get etched by using acidic cleaners.
    The grout in between the tile may look discolored, stained or moldy.

If you feel undertaking such a huge restoration project is too much for you, then you can hire experts from D'Sapone® – a leading hard surface restorations service provider in the US. Our experts are highly trained in cleaning, sealing, repairing and polishing hard surfaces. We use our own patented procedures and high-quality pFOkUS® products. Our services are explained below.

D'Sapone® Restoration Services

Kitchen Restoration:

D'Sapone® can restore your kitchen floorings and countertops just like new. Most of you use natural stone tile such as granite, travertine, marble or slate for your kitchen countertops. These tile are porous and get stained often. We offer tile and grout cleaning services to remove the stubborn stains from your surfaces. The main problem on floors or countertops are deep-rooted stains caused by food or beverage spills. We use a deep-penetrating cleaner known as Imperia Deep Clean that removes all these stains at the root level, without causing any etching.

kitchen restorations service - D'SaponeAfter a thorough sanitization process, we focus on sealing the grout. As grout is porous, it tends to absorb moisture and get frequently stained or discolored. We seal the grout on countertops and floorings using Caponi® – a powerful epoxy resin sealer made on a titanium base. Once the grout is waterproof, we seal the natural stone tile using a topical sealer named Celine. It imparts a sheen and lustre to your surfaces, restoring them just like new. If your tile has lost its sheen, we also offer polishing services that can bring back the mirror-like sheen it once had. With D'Sapone®’s kitchen restoration services, your kitchen will glisten like new and you can impress your guests on Independence Day.

Living Room Restoration:

Living room floorings get dirty due to constant human or pets treading. If you have used natural stone tile for your flooring, probably, the stains will be deep-rooted and there might be mold formation too. Just like we cleaned and sealed the tile and grout in your kitchens, we do the same for your living rooms. If you have any broken or chipped tile or grout, we also repair it using Sentura – our powerful adhesive. We repair the tile and grout before sealing.Quarry-Tile-Grout-restoration-D'Sapone Restorations - San DiegoYour glass tables and shelves also may get dirty, stained or etched often. If you have used acidic cleaners in the past, you may find rough etching marks. We restore your glass surfaces by first cleaning them with Benaz- our incredible glass cleaner and then we seal the surfaces using Valore Sealer to prevent further staining. Our polishing services deliver a sparkle, lustre and sheen on your flooring such that it will leave your guests amazed.

Bathroom Restoration:

Bathrooms get the dirtiest in a home or a building. Constant water splashes lead to staining and mold formation. Furthermore, the stains may also be caused due to hard water stains, soap scum accumulation or acidic remnants of soaps or lotions. The walls also get stained along with tile. We deep clean the tile and grout. If you have used cultured marble in your shower, we use Benaz to clean it. Efflorescence is a big curse that affects shower tile. It clogs your drains and ruins your tile. We use a powerful chemical Zido to remove this buildup, thereby protecting your tile and drains.Shower restorationGrout if not sealed gets stained again and that is why we put extra focus on grout sealing. We seal the natural stone tile to make your showers waterproof. Moreover, if you have used caulk to seal your shower corners, you may face the issue of constant peeling or cracking of shower caulk. We also replace shower caulk with Sentura, as it never pops from the surface and delivers long-lasting results. If you have tubs in your bathrooms, we offer an entire procedure for tub restoration too, including cleaning, peeling off old tub coats, and sealing.

Showers also have glass doors which get stained often due to hard water stains and etching. We clean and restore shower glass doors with Benaz and Valore, ensuring that your showers sparkle just like new.Benaz-Cleaner-Sealer-Glass-Hard-Water-dot-prevention-Shower-glassPool Restoration:

Pools are areas where you entertain friends and family members for fun. It is definitely one of the most beautiful areas of your home or building. Pools are generally made from natural stone tile and many have waterfalls too. If you want to invite guests over this Independence Day, then call us to restore your areas to perfection. We clean and seal the pool tile and grout just like in other areas. Moreover, efflorescence affects pool tile too. We get rid of it using Zido and also ensure that it does not happen again by sealing the surfaces thoroughly.

pool restoration service - D'SaponeBut an important issue with pool tile is that it often gets cracked or goes missing. D'Sapone® uses Sentura to fix the holes, pits or cracks in your pool tile. Sentura can be shaded in more than 40 colors along with Caponi®. This ensures that you get the new replaced tile in the same shade as the other tile. We also offer cleaning services for pool rail, which often gets rusted and stained. We polish it and make it shine.

So, call our experts and restore your homes or buildings just before Independence Day. Tackling all these surfaces yourself can be quite overwhelming. It is always better to get expert help to restore your homes just like new. We also offer a 5 year labor warranty on our restoration services. So, once you get your surfaces renewed and restored, you do not have to worry about any damage for long. Visit D'Sapone®.com today!


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