1.   Imperia

Deep Cleaning

2.   Grout Brush


1.   Caponi

2.   Artist Brush


1.   Valore Sealer and Cleaner

1.   Safety Glasses

2.   Gloves

3.   Chemical Resistant Boots

4.   Chemical and Solvent Respirator

Preparation Process

1.   Move all the furniture from the surface if applicable.

Cleaning Process

1.   Vacuum the area if debris is present.

2.   Fill 1 gallon sprayer with hot water to wash and neutralize.

3.   Always perform a test spot to make sure there is no reaction.

4.   Fill a 1 gallon sprayer (follow instructions on Imperia) with hot water and pour Imperia cleaner into it.

5.   Apply Imperia to the area.

6.   Let Imperia dwell for 5-10 minutes while keeping the surface wet with the Imperia.

7.   Scrub all the grout and corners with the Imperia brush. (keep surface wet with Imperia)

8.   if applicable: Use a scratch free scotch pad and massage the surface. (keep surface wet with Imperia)

9.   Retract floor or lower surface.

10.   Rinse the surface with water.

For showers use a sponge or terry cloth to agitate when rinsing.

11.   Now retract the water.

Retract all cracks and corners very well on the shower floor and any perimeter.

12.   Allow the surface to air dry. Use an air mover for faster drying results.

13.   Do not allow the solution to come in contact with other surrounding surfaces.

Sealing Process

1.   Find or select the Caponi color needed.

2.   Optional: Soak the bottles in warm to hot (up to 10 minutes), to thin the product if needed - Note: the product will catalyze faster.

3.   Shake the Caponi bottles well.

4.   Trim your pFOkUS' Artist Brush if needed, depending on the size of the grout lines.

5.   Pour all contents of Part A & B into a wax/paper cup.

6.   Stir well.

7.   Always start from the top of the wall while sealing your way out of the shower.

8.   Always start at the farthest point in the room and seal your way out.

9.   Apply Caponi to the grout and Sentura.

10.   Wipe any excessive sealer from the tile immediately with a wet towel.


1.   Apply an even coat of Valore to the entire surface.

2.   Wipe clean with a dry towel.

3.   Re-apply Valore once every 3 weeks on the surface, shoulder down and wipe dry.

4.   Re-apply Valore once every 3 months to the surface from the shoulder up, then wipe dry.

5.   Use Imperia when needed to deep clean.