1.   Imperia

Deep Cleaning

1.   Safety Glasses

Preparation Process

1.   Remove the caulk from area, creating a void.

2.   Move all the furniture from the surface if applicable.

3.   Remove all caulking residue left on the surface or in the void.

4.   Remove the cracked, loose or low grout and mortar that is being replaced.

5.   Remove tile from the substrate.

6.   Remove the glass shower enclosure.

7.   Remove all the bulk efflorescence on the surface.

8.   Remove old shower door sweep or seal by pulling off.

9.   Remove old drip rail by pulling off or unscrewing.

Cleaning Process

1.   Vacuum the area if debris is present.

2.   Fill a 1 gallon sprayer (follow instructions on Imperia) with hot water and pour Imperia cleaner into it.

3.   Apply Imperia to the area.

4.   Do not allow the solution to come in contact with other surrounding surfaces.