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A natural look sealer.
Enhancing Slate’s beauty.

It’s all about the correct
slate sealer.

If you are not taking the correct care of your stone, then you will fail over and over again. Notice the unsealed slate shown below, it is retaining the liquid, causing stains and mold. This issue can only be rectified by the best solvent sealer.

Sealing Slate Stone

Finally slate stone gets
penetrating sealer’s care.

Celine’s clear resin formula stops the mold and mildew from growing and keeps the shower stain free for a long time. Notice the difference between the slate treated with Celine (top) and unsealed stone (bottom).
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Slate Stone Sealing

Protection with a hydrophobic sealer.
Finally experience what you imagined.

Restoration is a challenge for us and we always try our best to meet your expectation. That’s what forces us to offer an astonishing slate restoration service, which you have never imagined before. Our artists apply Repela-Bond sealer, which protects the stone from stains and mold without change its look. Sealing Stone>

Unsealed Slate Tile

Slate cleaning artist.
Start with a clean slate.

Slate cleaning and restoration is in our DNA. Receive an estimate from your artists today, who will complete the entire process. Sarasota and Tampa, just simply email us pictures and our server will calculate the rest. Stone Restoration> Call (941)225-2990>

Slate Restoration Estimate


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