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Travertine Stone Cleaning

Travertine stone restoration
at an epic scale.

Just like marble and slate, travertine is also a natural stone, but it differs from the other stones with its hardness and appearance. It is found in hot springs and in the caves of limestone. Travertine has holes inside it due to carbon dioxide evasion.

Sentura. More than a
refined stone filler.

Most of the travertine fillers are designed without adhesives and that’s the reason why they pop out in just a few months. Our Sentura filler from pFOkUS® has been manufactured with 1200psi adhesion, which is powerful enough to offer longevity for your travertine stone. Before applying this product, we will match its color to your stone color.
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Filling Travertine holes

An oil based sealer
with more than sealing quality.

Your travertine stone requires a powerful protection to always render a captivating aspect. Our Celine sealer comprises of all the qualities for keeping your stone clean for a long time. It seals the travertine with natural finish and doesn’t make any layer after getting dried. Celine penetrates deep into the stone and prevent any liquid from staining it. We give more than 3 years of warranty on our stone shower restoration service, if maintained with Valore.
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Sealing Travertine Stone

Travertine’s future is here.

Apart from conferring longevity for your stone, we also make it more appealing with our powerful and sleek resin, Celine sealer. The manufacturers of pFOkUS® have designed it with effective solvents, which empower this sealer to dry faster. This quality is undoubtedly enough to offer a powerful safety for your travertine. Applying diamonds and powders to polish the stone has become outdated today. If travertine is not protected with Celine, then it will retain moisture owing to its porous nature.
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Travertine Sealing with a Sheen

Outside travertine look.

Outside Travertine Sealing

Our artists are highly trained and they know how to use the sealers. Their zeal and perfection in work always give a positive result to our customers. We protect the outside travertine from UV rays with our most powerful sealer.

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Taking care of stone showers is the biggest responsibility for any homeowner. We are here to accomplish this responsibility successfully. Sarasota and Tampa, you only need to email us the pictures and then, our server will calculate the rest. We will assign your estimate to one of our artists, who will be well versed in completing that task.
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