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Travertine Stone Cleaning

Travertine stone restored to perfection, and then some.

Travertine stone comes in many different finishes and styles, from polished – honed and straight cut to tumbled edge. Travertine is manufactured in Italy and now it is restored by your D’Sapone artist in Atlanta. Learn more below or call us today to experience the passion.

Sentura is the only stone
filler our artist use.

Many manufactures make stone fillers that just fill the hole. We are not impressed with their products or thought process. We use Sentura and color match the product to your tile color. Sentura will not sag nor it will pop up of the hole overtime. With a 1200 adhesion, Sentura will make the edges of the hole structurally sound and very durable. Travertine holes filled, and nothing short of amazing.
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Filling Travertine holes

Cleaning & sealing Travertine stone
with a natural look solvent sealer.

Travertine stone is very beautiful and is a sand stone, which can be etched, stained and scratched very easily. The reason behind sealing travertine stone with a solvent natural look penetrating sealer is that it soaks very deep into the stone and leaves invisible hydrophobic surface.
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Sealing Travertine Stone

Giving travertine the shine it deserves.

You strive for that perfect and durable finish and we strive for that happy and proud customers, who want to show their floors off. Imagine a sheen on your travertine that is not affected by harsh chemicals and will not etch. This is just one restoration by which, we impress our customers. Stone polishing with diamonds and powders is part of the older technology world and you will not catch our artist performing this act.
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Travertine Sealing with a Sheen

Restoring travertine tile outside.

Outside Travertine Sealing

Outside travertine cannot be polished because the surface will simple dull out within months. We are the only restoration company in Atlanta that can make this restoration possible and we will warranty our products for years. Our sealers are UV protected and formulated to take full advantage all the outdoor elements.
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Atlanta get your free estimate today and enjoy your natural stone tile and experience a restoration like you never have experienced. Our artists are certified in polishing, cleaning, sealing, restoring and maintaining the travertine stone.
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Questions about Travertine?
Here are our answers.

Why should travertine stone tiles and countertops be sealed?

Travertine can be etched by acids, including soft drinks and juices that have acidic acids as a preservative. The chemicals based on acid can also etch the stone. Unsealed travertine retains moistures, allowing mold and mildew to take place.

What products does D'Sapone® apply for travertine?

We apply all products from pFOkUS® to clean and seal travertine. pFOkUS® manufactures high end solvent sealers. Backing their products with true warranties unlike large manufactures, we are able to warranty our restorations, products and labor included.

Does D'Sapone® apply water based sealers?

No, never, as this is what makes us different from the status quo contractors. We apply solvent sealer, penetrating deep beneath the stone, and then we buff the travertine.

Is polishing travertine shower a great idea?

No. Your shampoos and soaps have citric acids, which will etch your stone again. That’s the reason why we only use the sealants from pFOkUS®. We seal and polish at the same time.

Can the topical sealer, Celine be scratched?

Celine will last a long time with normal foot traffic. It will give signs of wear and scratches with large animals and heavy traffic. The best thing about polishing stone with Celine is, most scratches will be simply buffed out.

Why should we hire D'Sapone®?

We are the only restoration company to apply Celine, a clear resin solvent sealer, which also resists chemicals instead of simply polishing stone.


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