Tulsa Bath Tub Refinishing -

The next generation of bathtub revival.

Our solid-state titanium coatings have a rich and enduring glossy finish. We re-imagined the tub industry to obtain the high-gloss white porcelain finish with our precise three-step process of stripping, cleaning and coating. The conclusion is so unbelievable that you can’t guess where the seams end and the coating begins.

A stripping technique made for bathtubs.

First time in Tulsa, tub stripping comes with a natural product, offering two times the removal capabilities of regular tub strippers. We take the same creative approach to the environment that we do with the products we use to restore bathtubs.

Simplified restoration.
With complex results.

By adding new technologies and materials, we invented a unique way to restore the bottom of your tub without the cost of an entire restoration. A method, which includes stripping, etching, taping and coating. And thanks to the titanium, as there is no peeling, fading nor flaking issues.

Every detail captured with perfection.

Although D’Sapone can handle a complete restoration of a bathtub. Sometimes our paint-free process is a better choice. Imagine no down time, no dust and no chemical smell. We just took tub restoration to the next level in Tulsa.

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