Marble Restoration | Marble Polishing Services in Tulsa, OK

Giving an elegant look to your marble.
Applying a durable sealer.

You strive for a transcendent service, which can raise the life expectancy for your marble stone. Your marble can be etched and scratched, if not maintained correctly. Our Tulsa artists always deliver an extraordinary stone restoration service with high quality sealers and cleaners for more than 13 years.

Marble Stone Restoration

pFOkUS® sealers come with
the best quality.

Tulsa, we can astonish you at a glance with the use of our Repela-Bond sealer from pFOkUS®. It’s a natural look sealer that soaks into the stone to protect it from stains.
Stone Sealing>

Marble Stone Sealing

A powerful sealer made at a molecular level.

Repela-Bond is made especially for natural stone with individual molecules. It goes deep inside the stone to dry it and to prevent it from staining. Ordinary water based sealers can only dry your stone on the top. That’s the reason why we are different and better than other companies providing restoration services.

A Natural Look Sealer

The sealer from pFOkUS® makes repellency to prevent your marble from staining. (Replicated diagram)
Sealing Natural Stone>

Sealers from other companies create a layer and allow liquids to soak in. (Replicated diagram)

Repela-Bond Sealer
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You are free to email us pictures of the areas, which need to be restored. We will assign the estimate to one of our artists, who will restore your stone. Our server will calculate the rest.
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