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Leaving your slate hydrophobic
with a solvent sealer.

Protecting slate with Celine sealer.
There is more to love at each glance.

Slate stone renders a captivating glimpse for your home, but it also becomes dirty if not maintained properly. Tulsa, we are here to protect your stone and grout with a penetrating sealer, raising the appeal of your slate with edge to edge protection. Absorbing moisture is the nature of slate (as shown below) that can only be prevented by our oil based sealer.

Sealing Slate Stone

A clear topical sealer,
Sealing stone at an unbelievable scale.

The clear protective resin of Celine seals slate to prevent the dust from coming out of it. See below, the stone available at the top is sealed with Celine, while the bottom one is not sealed and is absorbing water.
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Slate Stone Sealing

Refining your slate
with a natural look sealer.

Our Tulsa artists prefer a natural sealer, Repela-Bond that penetrates very deep into the stone and offers a hydrophobic surface. Our sealer doesn’t create a layer and it always looks natural. Our experts will  give you the correct instructions and details to take care of the restored stone. Sealing Stone>

Unsealed Slate Tile

From artist to customer.
We are here to seal your slate.

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