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More details about your Slate stone.

Slate is a natural stone that renders a stunning aspect with different colors. Categorized in the list of earth tone colors, it delivers a captivating appearance to your home. Our Experts in Tulsa bring its real charm by sealing, cleaning and polishing it with our incredible products.
Slate Tile>

Unsealed Slate Tile Restoration Sealing Restore Cleaning

More details about your Marble stone.

The main reason behind preferring marble for homes is that it is quite durable than other stones, but it is equally important to pay attention to its brightness. We use high quality products from pFOkUS® that enable us to deliver tremendous shine and long durability. The marble shown in the image is sealed by us and will never etch. Only we can seal your stone to the next level.

Black Marble Polishing Durable Sealer

More details about your Travertine stone.

Travertine with pretty color variations renders a natural appearance for your home, only if maintained with the correct care. We deliver various services for your stone, such as cleaning, polishing, sealing and honing with our superbly manufactured products from pFOkUS®.

Travertine Stone Tile Hole Repair Sealing Cleaning


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