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Slate sealed with Celine.
And nothing short of amazing.

There’s never been a better time to
seal your slate.

It’s very difficult to keep the unsealed slate clean, as dust comes from it continuously. It often keeps a dusty surface and also flakes off in large pieces. Slate also absorbs moisture (as shown below), causing stains to occur. Correct solvent sealer can overcome all of these issues.

Sealing Slate Stone

Pushing hydrophobic even further.
With Celine.

Celine’s Clear Resin Protection also leaves a meticulously sheen to deliver a bold hydrophobic experience. We will prevent mold and mildew from ruining your shower with our powerful sealers from pFOkUS®. See the slate tiles below – bottom stone is (untreated) and the top stone is treated with Celine.

Slate Stone Sealing

What’s truly unique, is its nature look.
Sealed with an invisible sealer.

When we want to restore something great, we challenge every assumption. We cast aside every standard material and method… that the industry currently offers. We refused to rest until it became possible with Repela-Bond Sealer. Imagine a sealer that will not layer and let you maintain your stone after we leave with ease. And we can’t wait for the experience to unfold in front of you.
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Unsealed Slate Tile

Slate tile cleaning and sealing.
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Sealing slate stone is in our DNA.  Receive an estimate, which is assigned to an artist, who will complete the entire process. Just simply email us pictures and our server will calculate the rest.
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