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Polishing marble stone with
an impressive sealer.

Your marble needs to be maintained with the correct products to look elegant. We accomplish your requirements with our best quality sealers. Ordinary sealers peel and wear off the marble and make it look worse within months. We deliver a tremendous service by using our astonishingly engineered products for more than 13 years.

Marble Stone Restoration

Reason behind using
sealers from pFOkUS®.

We keep the standard of marble always high with pFOkUS® sealer, Repela-Bond. This sealer soaks deep into the stone to prevent any liquid from staining it.
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Marble Stone Sealing

An incredibly manufactured natural sealer.

pFOkUS® has impressively designed a natural look sealer at a molecular level. It does not create any film over the surface. Its solvent molecules soak deep into the surface to prevent the stone from staining in any condition.

A Natural Look Sealer

Repellency is attached with the marble. (Replicated diagram)
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Layers are created by the ordinary sealers on the marble. (Replicated diagram)

Repela-Bond Sealer
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