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When we deliver our professional tile cleaning service, you will experience a sanitized, spotless and disinfected surface. D'Sapone provides a patented and detailed tile cleanin...

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Granite is a widely popular stone for countertops and flooring surface.Its quality and pattern lifts the grandness of any space it is presented at, and moreover redesigns your home's style. Regardle...

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Granite Cleaning and Sealing

The presence of stained shower corners in many hotels has made them score badly during inspections. Application of caulk is a temporary fix as it quickly stains and peels within 6 months of its appl...

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In many houses bad looking mold in showers is a common issue. It can quickly occur over the entire surface and transform into a grave inconvenience if not managed with quality services. Moreover, it...

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Everybody likes to have stain and mold free shower floors and walls. However, the fact that your tile surface will fall prey to stains and mold with the passage of time is extremely true if you opt ...

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Trying to keep the shower surface clean can be very difficult, because it is constantly clad in humidity. Besides, if there are cracks in your shower floor, it can get really annoying. Majority of t...

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Slate adds a stunning look to the interior spaces of your home with its gorgeous shades and texture. Truly, the stone’s beauty can be preserved to an unending length of time, just in the event tha...

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Marble adds an exciting look to the room it is introduced. Its accessibility in different shades and textures, adds to the perfection and class of the house. Marble stone gives a mind-boggling makeo...

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Travertine is a popular natural stone, extensively used due to its enchanting brilliance and appeal. It adds beauty to the entire space of its installation with its mesmerizing sheen and elegance. I...

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Grout – a cement based material, fills the voids between tiles on the surface. We enjoy having stain and mold free floor, walls and countertops. Tiles look beautiful for much longer than many othe...

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Grout Restoration Service in atlanta

Installing bathtubs in bathrooms brings a luxurious soaking experience. But, they also need the proper restoration overtime to keep their beauty and durability. A quality bathtub restoration is a gr...

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Bathtub Restoration in San Diego

Granite stone is in great demand owing to its durability. As a natural forming stone, it looks stunning and raises the beauty of any spaces while contributing to your home’s elegance. However, the...

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Acrylic, silicone and all the latest caulks have been very popular in use. However, shower caulking poses sign...

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Shower Caulking Atlanta

Keeping the shower spotlessly clean throughout can be a tricky job as it is used constantly. And a stained or dirty glass door can just make your shower seem even a much hard chore. A combination of...

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Shower glass restoration services

Cultured marble is formed from a combination of resin and marble dust, creating an extremely hard polymer. Most people love to install it within their showers as it is less expensive than marble sto...

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