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D'Sapone is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 20 reviews from around the Web.
Excellent job! Totally recommended...

Chua J.

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Awesome tile cleaning service! Loved it..

Shaun S.

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Astonishing bathtub restoration! The way their artist performed a detailed cleaning, stripping and coating service on my bathtub is simply incredible.....

David S.

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Just got my caulk removed and replaced with Sentura. I am simply elated by the phenomenal results. I truly appreciate D’Sapone’s shower caulk removal service !

Crystal Waston

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Just got my caulk removed and replaced with Sentura. I am simply elated by the phenomenal results. I truly appreciate D'Sapone's shower caulk removal service !

Crystal W.

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The way D’Sapone Brooklyn has worked on my grout and tile, is simply incredible! Now i no longer have to live with a dirty and bad looking floor surface.

Andrea Lujan

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Just got my cracked tile repaired and the outcome is simply incredible! D’Sapone artists are so true to their word that you can be sure they will meet their committed deadline and quality standard for sure.

Kathleen Kathleen

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I recently got my pool tile and pool railings restored by D’Sapone. They have done an amazing job and i cannot thank them enough for the way my pool looks now! I totally recommend D’Sapone.

Evangel D'Souza

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D’Sapone has worked magic on my pool tiles! My pool hadn’t been cleaned since several years, making the surface look greenish black due to excessive mold and mildew growth. D’Sapone’s pool tile and grout restoration service swept me off my floor!!

Claire Divas

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My bathtub started showing signs of severe damage.. but the way D'Sapone artists worked their charm on my bathtub, is simply phenomenal. Thank you D'Sapone. Much Love!

Daisy Scott

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What a brilliant job performed with my pool tiles! Now my pool tiles are free of stains, cracks, mold and mildew. Truly appreciate it.

Catherine Sanders

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I am extremely happy with their artists James & Alex for the way they worked wonders with my broken marble tile. I am glad that I chose D'Sapone!

Emily Issabella

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What can I say other than WOW!!!!! My husband and I are so impressed with the customer service, the attention to even the smallest detail and the end product! After the grout system is in place we have cut our tile and grout cleaning time 75%. Worth every penny. This is my 3rd time in 10 years using this AWESOME company, Give them a try, you won't regret it! Oh...they guarantee their work!

Deb. M

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We had our shower done and we are VERY pleased. James did an AWESOME job and Kathy is always so friendly and helpful on the phone. They also have very fast turnaround when you place an order for products online. I would definitely recommend them!

Tina Krick Hudgins

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These guys were absolutely fantastic!! James really knows his stuff and they were so professional. Our shower looks great and I am so thankful that I found them!!

Sony Kuhn Asif

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I was very pleased with the results, value and professionalism. I would have no issues with recommending them to anyone.

Yellow pages Tomas H.

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Completely different than other restoration companies, D'Sapone is well versed in imparting high class services. Before D'Sapone, we got in touch with a few other companies for shower caulk issues, but we didn't get success. All of them followed the same process, re-caulking, which gave positive result only for a short period of time and within months, it also started peeling and shrinking. However, D'Sapone applied their waterproof filler, Sentura as a substitute of caulk. Apart from providing a powerful protection, it also renders a natural aspect in all corners of our shower with its thinnest lines.

Sophia W.

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This company deserves 5 stars. They are true tile and grout experts. I was told by 2 other companies that I would have to replace my shower pan area because I had a water leak down stairs, but James came out to inspect the problem and was determined to fix the leaks without removing any tile. After the artist finished the job the shower looked better then it ever has. I have been using the shower for almost 6 months now and I am very happy I hired D'Sapone.

Home advisor Amy S.

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We've been loyal customers for nearly 15 years (previously they were known as Atlanta Tile & Grout). Over the years, they have been cleaning and restoring the tile & grout in our master bedroom bath & shower with every job making things look brand new. While I've been consistently impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of work, I feel especially good about the time D'Sapone's "artist" spends educating me on how their products and process works, and what I need to do to maintain the beautifully cleaned shower. There are definite "do's and don'ts" and as they suggest, I recommend buying a supply of their proprietary "Valore" Sealer and Cleaner to spray on the tile every few weeks to maintain the shower - very easy!

Mitchell T.

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My Favorite Company!! I have never experienced such top notch customer service and professionalism from a service company! They cleaned and sealed the tile and grout in my master bathroom and kitchen floor and it looks better than brand new!! My shower glass enclosure was all water spotted and stained and I couldn't believe that they restored it to new again!!! They are truly artists at what they do!!!!

Rita M.

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