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Educate yourself on Slate stone.

We are here to maintain your slate stone for a long time by applying different restoration tactics. Our art is truly different and amazing than the other companies. Giving tremendous cleanliness to the stone is second nature to us.
Slate tile>

Unsealed Slate Tile Restoration Sealing Restore Cleaning

Educate yourself on Marble stone.

It’s quiet astonishing how we can bring an unbelievable shine to your marble, which you have experience when it was newly installed. We apply sealers from pFOkUS® that give a long life for your stone. An image of the marble is given below, which has been sealed by our artist and will not etch. Our latest technology makes us different from the other companies.

Black Marble Polishing Durable Sealer

Educate yourself on Travertine stone.

Travertine gives a natural touch to your home. Nothing is impossible now, as we are here to bestow you the service, which you never got before. Our Brooklyn artists apply different tactics for sealing, cleaning, polishing and honing with incredible products from pFOkUS®.

Travertine Stone Tile Hole Repair Sealing Cleaning


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